The ESC experience at Ängsbacka offers an international and communal way of living, rich in opportunities for learning and personal development. Since 4 years young people from all over Europe have come to Ängsbacka to develop practical skills and soft competencies and get involved in developing Ängsbacka. Our volunteers support us in creating a more harmonious and sustainable life. The program takes in 14 volunteers at a time and covers food, accommodation and travel costs. All ESC volunteers receive monthly pocket money. You need to be 18-30 years old and a permanent resident/citizen from an EU country. Every year we have a different selection of countries in our project. In 2021 youth from Sweden, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, France, Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria are welcome to apply. As an ESC volunteer, you are asked to contribute 35 hours per week: 5 hours a day, 5 days a week work in your working group, plus attending all morning meetings, ESC meetings and twice a week sharing groups. You will be given pocket money of € 150,- per month and your travel costs to and from Sweden will be covered. We have a Weekly Program where a variety of activities such as dance, music, men’s and women’s circles, tantric and shamanic practices, massage, open stage and many other creative outlets are on offer on a daily basis.


In 2020, Ängsbacka Kursgård has, like many other businesses and organizations, been faced with huge challenges due to the pandemic. During the spring and summer, we reshaped and re-planned our organization and our events many times, and we have reshaped ourselves once again to prepare for the year 2021. The ESC program has been a great achievement for Ängsbacka over the past few years and we are very grateful that we have had the opportunity to host over 60 long-term volunteers. With the uncertainty in the world and re-structuring of Ängsbacka, we have realized that we are not able to host the ESC volunteers and achieve the project goals with the level of quality that feels satisfying for us. We regret to announce that we close the call for applications for the ESC program in 2021 in Ängsbacka. Please do check our website as there might become other volunteering opportunities available in 2021 with us.


We invite you to explore the mindset of service, not as a thing, but rather as a way of living; service to your fellow staff/volunteers, to course and festival participants, and to yourself.

We believe that through selfless service we grow in compassion and joy, connecting back to our deep need to contribute to the world.

Working meditation

We encourage you to use your working hours as active explorations of the present moment. Everything that comes to our minds and bodies is welcomed into the moment. We support each other to remain light-hearted and connected.

Ideally, the time spent in work is happy and fulfilling, regardless of task. The realisation to be discovered is that the enjoyment of the task comes from within ourselves, not from the nature of the task.



Sharing is considered a sacred space in which we come together to both see and be seen by our peers. We meet in smaller groups. Participants in sharing are encouraged to have an honest look at, and share about, what is happening for them in the present moment.

Each person is given a set time to share, and during that time no-one interacts with the person sharing. Everyone else simply receives the sharing, without giving advice or comments. Sharing is an essential and honored practice at Ängsbacka, and we welcome you to this special space with the sensitivity and open-heartedness that is at its core.