Ängsbacka Guidelines

The following guidelines are a statement of how we aspire to live and work together at Ängsbacka. They are a tool for self-transformation, the way we relate to each other and the environment. All staff and volunteers agree to follow these guidelines to the best of their ability when they take a position with us here in our business and community. The guidelines also serve as a supportive foundation for all people who visit Ängsbacka during shorter periods throughout the year during courses and festivals. We strive to continuously implement these guidelines and make them come alive throughout the organization.


I aspire to serve others, our planet and its inhabitants.
I recognize that I must also serve myself in order to practice this effectively.


I strive toward becoming more conscious of my personal attitudes and behavior patterns and I am willing to change those which are harmful to myself and others.


I recognize that what I see outside myself—any criticism irritation or appreciation—may also be reflections of what is inside me. I am willing to look at these within myself before reflecting them onto others.


I take responsibility for my actions, my mistakes and for any spiritual, environmental and human effects these might have. I am willing to listen to constructive criticism and to offer constructive feedback to others in a caring and appropriate fashion. I am willing to take action to resolve conflicts and to make amends when my actions have hurt others.


I wholeheartedly commit to respect other people; their differences, their views, origins, backgrounds, issues and their property. I will show respect and care for the environment, striving to minimize my negative impact. I agree to respect communal areas and other people’s working areas, to leave beauty and order around me.


I will not forcefully inflict my attitudes or desires (including sexual) on others. I agree to step in and stop, or at least say that I would like stopped, actions (including manipulation or intimidation) that I feel may be abusive to myself or others in the community.


I will be clear and honest in my communication and open-hearted in my listening. In public and in private I will not speak in a way that maligns or demeans others and myself. I will talk to people rather than about them.


I agree to make every effort to resolve disputes. At any time in a dispute, I may call for an advocate, friend, independent observer or mediator to be present.


I recognize that I live in a community and that it functions only through my co-operation and my good communication. I agree to communicate my decisions clearly to those who may be affected and to consider their views carefully and respectfully. I recognize that others may make decisions which affect me and I agree to respect the care, integrity and wisdom that they have put into their decision-making process.


I commit to keeping agreements I have made and not to break or try to evade any laws, rules, or guidelines; to have honest dealings with all bodies and to pay all charges and dues owing.


I will take an active part in the spiritual practice of the community, (such as meditation, morning meetings, sharing, forum, etc.) and will in my daily work strive to work for the greatest good.


I am willing to strive toward upholding and following the above guidelines in my life and work. I acknowledge that this asks for considerable effort and personal transformation. Bearing this in mind I will ask for support and help from others when I need such and I remain open to being approached by others who may be in need of support.