The volunteer program at Ängsbacka is meant to be a source of inspiration for a more sustainable way of living socially, bringing us deeper into our own heart, where authenticity and natural joy reside.

The dynamic volunteer team at Ängsbacka is a place where you can dive into an international community experience; rich in learning and connection. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for you to develop social and practical skills that can support you and your surroundings, bringing more harmony into the world. As a volunteer you are here not only to serve your own personal development, but also the development of the participants who join our courses and festivals throughout the year.

At Ängsbacka we live by a set of 12 guidelines stating how we aspire to live and work as a community. We maintain a completely drug and alcohol free environment. We serve three vegetarian meals every day, with vegan and glutenfree options.

During your stay here, you are invited to hold presence and authentic relating as central pillars in your daily life. We share several practices to support you with this; two of which are ‘sharing circles’ and the concept of ‘working meditation’.

Different contexts of volunteering at Ängsbacka


During your stay at Ängsbacka, we invite you to explore the mindset of service. Not as a concept, but rather as a way of living. Service to your fellow community members, to course participants, to the planet and all its inhabitants, and to yourself.

We believe that through selfless service, through connecting back to our deep need to contribute to the world, we grow in compassion and joy.

Working meditation

Working Meditation is our shared daily practice of service and togetherness. We encourage everyone to use their working hours as active explorations of the present moment. Everything that comes to our minds and bodies is welcomed into the moment. We support each other to remain light-hearted and connected.

Ideally, the time spent in work is happy and fulfilling, regardless of the task. The realisation to be discovered is that the enjoyment of the task comes from within ourselves, not from the nature of the task.


Sharing is at the heart of Ängsbacka, and supports everybody here. It is considered a sacred space for speaking and listening from our hearts. It invites you to be seen in your truth and to see others in theirs, without judgement, advice or fixing.

One person shares, while the others sit in silence paying attention to the person sharing. Everyone in the group will have the same amount of time available to them, and everything that is said or done stays in the group. We do not bring it up again outside of sharing.

Sharing is an essential and honored practice at Ängsbacka, and we welcome you to this special space with the sensitivity and open-heartedness that is at its core.

Summer volunteers at work

Testimonials from volunteers

Being a volunteer in Angsbacka is a great way to enjoy simple yet meaningful jobs. When I work in the kitchen, I love to wake up in the morning to cook because I know it will bring pleasure to my friends to make great food!

Individual growth, community spirit, time to think about what you really want, people here to support you… If you’re longing for that, don’t hesitate, come!


ESC Volunteer

Living at Angsbacka for me is like a seed that dares to start growing underneath the earth; not knowing what will happen, but curious and passionate about growing into a beautiful flower.

The simple daily structure, having fewer responsibilities than you would have at home, the beautiful workshops that are being offered every day, and living with loving, caring people creates a space to grow. Then you can shine light on things you maybe didn’t have the time for before.

This is not always easy; it can be confronting, but I think it is very useful to get to know yourself and to become the person you really want to be.


ESC Volunteer

At Ängsbacka, there are so many opportunities to get to meet a variety of people and share each other’s passions.

It’s an extremely rich environment, where everyone contributes to creating a peaceful place on earth. With many workshops and events organized for the volunteers, we grow in ourselves, inside and outside.


Kitchen Volunteer