Ada woods

Shadow Alchemy with the Wheel, Energetic Sex, Sacred, Sensual Touch

Ada is a dedicated space holder who deeply believes in nourishing and supporting the experience of others so that they may fully blossom. Professionally she offers her services as an Intimacy Coach, Consent Educator and Doula. Her modalities focus on the dynamic relationship between shadow integration, pleasure, and safety in the body as the basis. With a knack for bringing the esoteric down to earth, Ada offer the foundational tools needed to live a fully embodied existence.

In 2022 she founded Acrotantra, an exciting new modality of retreats and festivals that present empowerment in our bodies as we practice shamanic transformational tools through fun and play.

Nomadically based in Central America, a lover of humans and passionate about all things self-actualizing. Find her at www. Adahealingarts. Com to see where she’ll be sprinkling her magic next.