Åsa Kullberg

Sweatlodge & Tandava

Åsa’s interest in spiritual exploration is her strongest passion which led her first to meditation and yoga, and then to the Sweet Medicine SunDance path which became her path with heart. Åsa brought Shamanic Dearmoring to Sweden in 1998. She is the founder and director of the Swedish Rainbow Dragon Lodge. Her transmission of the ancient wisdom of the medicine wheels and keys, combined with her razor-sharp precision, clarity, abundant love and sweet humour make a her truly unique teacher, mentor and guide. Her teaching is down to earth and at the same time in contact with the universe. It is passionate and deeply nourishing to the soul. Åsa has been pouring water in sweatlodges for many years. To enter and journey inside the womb of Grandmother Earth’s with her is a deeply transformative experience for body, heart, mind and spirit.