Fan Xiulan

Biyun Qi Gong

Master Fan Xiulan – founder of the Biyun method

As a child Fan Xiulan was taught the secrets of Qi Gong by her grandmother. Master Fan Xiulan has teached and practiced Qi Gong over 40 years. She has created Biyun, the Health Preservation Method and is its Grandmaster. The method is spread to more than one million people in China, Japan, USA, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Master Fan Xiulan is a qualified physician in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is an authorized Medical Qi Gong Master for many years. And she was a board member of both the Chinese and the World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong.
In 1992 master Fan introduced Biyun method in Sweden, and in 1995 she started the Biyun Academy. 2010 she founded the Biyun Academy Health Center in Stockholm, where she teaches courses in the Biyun Method, receives clients and provides treatment with acupuncture etc.