Fie Sommer

Tantric Sexology, Sensual Embodiment, Shadow Work

Fie is a trauma-informed Tantric Sexologist, NLP Coach, Sensual Embodiment Teacher & co-creator of the ALIVE Tantra Festival in Copenhagen.
With over six years of experience working with groups and 1:1 clients in the field of tantra, pleasure, trauma, and sexuality, Fie leads from her embodied full-range humanness to create spaces of raw, authentic expression.

“It is through a deep sense of allowance of your wholeness that suppression and shame become irrelevant – allowing you to unfold into your full, untamed potential!”

Fie’s deep understanding of the human experience, combined with her unique blend of practices, creates safe and transformative spaces for you to explore and expand your capacity for aliveness, pleasure, and connection.
Join her workshops to be taken on journeys into the depth of your being and to open into the wild embodiment of this pure, sensual LIFE!