Hari Deva

Inner transformation

In 1976 the inner quest took him to yoga and meditation, after a year as a full time yogi he went to Pune in India where he became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh and founded he first osho center in sweden, In the years to come he has had many beautiful meetings and teachings from other Masters and teachers. Self inquiry become his major path in 1977 when he participated in his first enlightenment intensive. In 1981 he did a training with Yogeswar Muni ( Charles Berner) – the Founder of Enlightenment intensive, from there on he regularly started to give intensives. He is trained in different therapeutic methods like Bioenergetics, Osho therapy, Rebirthing, The Work by Byron katie, KBT ( cognitive behaviour therapy). Kundalini yoga, oneness/deeksha . He is a and a co -Founder and former co-owner of Ängsbacka.