Humaniversity AUM Meditation, Yoga, Meditations, Dance

Khala is a tantric, shining, loving soul who helps people to feel good in their body & mind.

She uses the Humaniversity AUM Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Osho active Meditations, Latin Dances, Creativity, Crystal Bowls sound journey to offer unique experiences of self-love, self-care, emotional regulation, healing and authentic relating.

She discovered the Humaniversity AUM Meditation when she was 14 y. O at the Osho Resort Pune in India! It was such a transformative experience that she became a certified Humaniversity AUM Meditation Leader in 2009. She offers this amazing meditation in various festivals, such as Osho Festival 2024 in Italy, Tantrajoy & Chakras festivals in France, Koh Phangan in Thailand etc.

Don’t miss the AUM Meditation at the Ängsbacka Festival !!!