Program Coordinator Sexsibility Festival - Lorenzo Stiernquist

Lorenzo Stiernquist

Sexsibility Coach, Tantra teacher, Wheel of Consent facilitator

Lorenzo is a Tantra teacher, Sexsibility Coach, masseur, and Wheel of Consent facilitator. He is the founder and has the main responsibility for the Sexsibility Festival and the Sexsibilitycoach Training. In his work with trainings, workshops, and sessions, he is focusing on sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure, and healing.

He supports people to feel safe, to use consent, and to experience sex and intimacy on a deeper level. He teaches how you can feel more pleasure and feel more alive, but also how to transform shame, guilt, and pain that prevents that experience.

He emphasizes the importance of developing the ability to embrace and be present with what is. So that you in that way can experience what is really going on here and now, which is love. In other words, the purpose of his work is to give people the opportunity to experience deeper spiritual contact and more love.

“Be who you are and become who you want to be. Say yes to life!”