Lya Serrano

Sensory Dinners I Tantra Therapist I Dakini Temples

Lya (@the. Visionary. Institute) Mexican/spanish, is a Sex & Relationships Educator and Tantra therapist. She’s founded The Visionary Institute, where through her work she is shifting the field of intimacy and relationships sometimes through plant-medicine-assisted processes. Having survived a close-to death experience after a depression as a teenage, Lya is on a mission to help anyone to love deeper and connect with the purpose of being ALIVE. Her work empowers lovers and individuals to connect more intimately with their bodies and their lives. Lya has studied over the last 8 years both the paths of Tantrism and its applications into modern therapeutic processes. She loves translating consciousness into grounded day-a-day actions. She is based in Amsterdam, coming often to honour her roots and the ancestral beauty of Mexico