Ecstatic Dance DJ & Bodywork Teacher

Maya is Ukrainian nomadic Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator, co-founder & art-director of Ecstatic Circle project.
She is free diver, Water Dance guide, body therapist and workshop leader.
Maya performs as Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator on the international stages as Amsterdam, Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Vienna, Prague, Cyprus, Antwerp etc, more then 15 countries allower Europe, Middle East and Asia
Her main focus is on wellbeing sober events such Ecstatic Dance, Conscious Clubbing, yoga, movement, tantra gatherings etc.
Being extremely passionate about music she fluently surf between electronic and instrumental music genres, delivering unique mood, flavour and energy for every situation.

Maya felt in love with Ecstatic Dance idea during first visit of Goa, India in 2017. Since that time she spreading this idea everywhere she goes