Pauline Reibell

Mantra & Mudra, Indian classical dance, Vinyasa flow, Mysore, Authentic Movement, "Introduction to Argentine Tango; the art of lead & follow"

A yoga facilitator and dancer, Pauline is drawn to forms that deepen her love for movement and her search for truth and freedom, such as Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam, Ashtanga yoga, Argentine tango, frame drumming, and voice work. Moved by ancient rituals, Pauline founded Mantra & Mudra, an explorative practice to embody the timeless Sanskrit chants along with self-inquiry. Her “heart project,” starting with the Stockholm Cosmic Choir, aims to merge voices in a collective prayer for peace and remembrance. Pauline is inspired to transcend concepts and stories to enable free expression, improvisation, and open curiosity for the different forms that allow us to play, connect, and expand.