Sharada Devi

Sacred Sexuality & Rituals

Sharada Devi is a spiritual mentor specializing in dharmic leadership, sacred sexuality, and embodied wealth. For almost two decades now, she has dedicated her life to the ancient Vedic teachings of non-duality, Vedic Mantra Chanting, Yoga, Puja Rituals, and the Sanskrit Language. As a Vedic Priestess and the visionary behind Devi School, where spirituality meets embodiment, and the heart of the Be Woman Project, she plays a crucial role in the spiritual communities.
Additionally, she is a VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, as well as a Sacred Sexuality Teacher and trained abdominal and pelvic floor massage Therapist. In 2020, Devi School was established offering a range of one of a kind transformative programs. These include short to long-term in-person and online retreats, courses, trainings, and certifications.