Shāradā Devī

Vedanta, Vedic Chanting, Puja, Yoni Shakti Yoga
Shāradā Devī spiritual quest started 22 years ago when she travelled to India seeking for Truth. She found her teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda having committed and devoted her life to the studies of Vedanta, Sanskrit & the Vedic Tradition. She is a respect Teacher, Priestess & Vedic Chanting Mistress. In 2016 she established the Be Woman Project to bring women from all walks of life together holding Devi Circles aka Women´s Circles all over the world. Shāradā continued her reclamation & the healing of the feminine and became a role model for many. In 2000 she established Devi School where Spirituality meets Embodiment offering online&in person in-depth programs in women´s empowerment&embodiment, sacred sexuality&femme leadership. Shāradā is also a certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality & a Yoni Healing Therapist.