Tristan Gorski

Ecstatic Dance DJ

Tristan, co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan in Thailand, orchestrates weekly Ecstatic Dances and is the visionary behind the “Ecstatica Festival. ” A devoted enthusiast of live music, playful expression, and the profound impact of dance and music, he traverses the globe from Thailand and Mexico to England and Sweden in pursuit of creating transcendent experiences.

As an Ecstatic Dance DJ and facilitator, Tristan fosters a genuine sense of unity that transcends conventional boundaries. Through his dance, imbued with elements of consent, freedom, community, friendship, and love, he establishes a secure and transformative haven for all participants. Committed to fostering a supportive space where individuals can freely explore and express themselves, Tristan believes in the profound potential of dance and connection as catalysts for personal evolution and growth.