Rune singing workshop

“Vaskilintu” means the brass copper bird in Finnish, a word that perfectly encapsulates the duality of the softness and strength of Magdalena Sofia’s unique voice. Vaskilintu is an Afro-Finnish vocalist combining influences from both her Somalian and Finnish Karelian roots. She performs traditional Finnish poems and spells, which she learned from her upbringing in Finland.

The project is deeply inspired by the animist roots of Finnish folklore, in which everything has a spirit, or a “väki” – from nature and the elements to the steam in the sauna. Vaskilintu explores and reconnects these timeless concepts to contemporary society. In a unique soundscape that combines modern electronic music with rhythmic instruments and strings, her voice shines at the center with vocal layers and looping that bring the audience into a hypnotic trance. The result is raw, primal, and true, making each performance a deep and unforgettable journey.