David Genecand

SOMA Breath Master Trainer & Intuity Healing Practitioner

David is a SOMA Breath Master Trainer & Intuity Healing Practitioner, Athlete and Entrepreneur. He is passionate about vitality and health and everything that revolves around healing the body, mind and emotions. His success as an entrepreneur has seen his company (Almondgy) recognised as the pioneers of sugar-free and organic nutrition in Switzerland. His immense drive has enabled him to run ultra-marathons of up to 205 km. As a healer, he helps his clients through a unique blend of breathwork, emotional tracing and transformation to facilitate powerful experiences that enable people to break through in the places they are stuck and to reignite their body’s and mind’s natural ability to heal itself. David leads live online healing events to ambient euphoric DJ sets and partners with Keith Hodge from Intuity International in their event Breathe To The Roots.