Lisa Lawrie

The luscious art of sensual kissing, Tantric Touch, Sexual Healing

Lisa Lawrie (she/her) is a Danish certified Sexologist and Relationship Counselor.
She is a dedicated Teacher at the Sexologist school in Copenhagen.
Her passion is to facilitate international workshops, Women’s groups and Retreats enhancing connectedness, presence, pleasure and sensuality.

She has a profound knowledge of tantra, BDSM and conscious kink and she has specialized in KISSES. To Lisa, kissing is an art form; it is pure communication from beautiful poetry to a sensual voyage of energies being built up in bodies. It varies from the friendly gesture on the cheek, the polite kiss on the hand to fiery, intense seductive foreplay and penetration with the tongue.

Lisa holds space for Clients online and physically in Copenhagen, Fyn and Aarhus.