Ana Olivegren

Firewalk, Sweat Lodge

Ana Olivegren is a modern medicine woman, working as an international teacher and therapist with 40 years of experience focusing on mental, physical and emotional health using Ceremonies, Counselling and Breathwork as her main tools.
She is a corporate workshop leader, utilizing firewalking as a driving force into action and results. She has been initiated into leading sweatlodges by Native American tribal teachers and is certified in other therapies such as Breathwork, Reiki, EFT, Urban Tantra and Classic Massage.
In addition to this work Ana offers relationship coaching, counseling, tantric teachings and regression therapy.
Ana has known and worked with Peggy Dylan since 1998, she is a Certified Sundoor Master & Teacher.
In her work she uses both ancient rites and modern techniques, while teaching how to create a safe environment to explore the dimensions of inner growth.