Anastasis Tzanis

Yoga & Breathwork

Anastasis Tzanis (London, Uk) is a yoga teacher, nutritional therapist, and globally sought-after breath-work expert. He has helped countless individuals improve their mental, postural, and metabolic function through private consultations, over 150 workshops, and lectures across 8 countries.

Maxing-out life out as a Greek Special Forces paratrooper, earning a Master’s degree at the rigorous Brandeis University, and trading derivatives in New York and London for 7 years, Anastasis experienced first hand how detrimental stress can be on one’s health. All this led to a health crisis that stopped him in his tracks and prompted a deep study of naturopathic medicine to heal himself.

Afterwards, Anastasis started helping higher-stress individuals with great success at his London studio. His first book “Breathing for Yoga” was published in 2023. He aims to powerfully improve thousands more li