Chulla Bakthika

Chulla Bakthika is a Hatha yoga teacher and reggae artist also Kirtan Artist, Soul Activation Dance D.J, instrument maker, painter and comes from Sri Lanka, but since 2005 lives in Järna.

In 2015 he debuted with the reggae album “Singhayo Api” (We are the lions) and in 2018 came the next album “Inspiration”. The albums can be found on e.g. Spotify, Cdbaby, Itunes and Youtube etc.

The music is a mix of Sinhalese scales and melodies, yoga mantras (Sanskrit) and roots reggae. The lyrics cover everything from environmental issues to relationships, religion and human rights, and the songs are in Sinhalese, English, Swedish and Sanskrit.

Through the music, he wants to present the Sinhalese Buddhist culture and make the Sinhalese people stand up for their rights. He has played his music around the world tx in Sri Lanka, Sweden, Italy, Spain, India, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland. Right now he working with his new reggae album, The Lion Tone, coming out end of 2023. The genre is called Roots Mantra Reggae.