Guy Barrington

Conscious Dance

Guy is an Inner Wisdom-Joy-Love Explorer. He has Trained in Meditation, Healing, Qi Gong, Shamanism, Sufism, Biodanza, Tantra, Mediation, Trance Dance, Conscious Communication, Creativity and Conscious Relating. He is the Creator of The Dancing Heart Path Modern Mystery School, Colibri Heart Tribal Trance Dance, Heart Fire Life Coaching, Bliss Conscious Clubbing. He is also Dj Colibri and shares Ecstatic Dance Journeys. He is a Public Speaker and has Youtube Channels and offers many Inspiring Online Courses. Guy has been sharing his Workshops, Retreats, Gatherings, Online Offerings and his School Internationally for 30 years, which Encourage us to Thrive and Flourish in the World from our Natural Abundance. This Work impacts all of our Living, Loving, Relating and Creating. He is from England and now lives in the Czech Republic with his Family.