Isis Frideborgsdotter

VivaVagina! teraphist and Qigongteacher

VivaVagina! Passion! These are Ingrid Frideborgsdotter’s guiding principles. Viva Vagina! Is for Women to reclaim their bodies and feel their passion, lust and creativity.

To be muliti orgasmic is also a goal. A goal to feel our sexuality fully, and also to enjoy and be present and powerful in all our different projects in life. But it’s not just about our bodies. It’s about the connection with our heart and with our spirituality. To fully be and experience everything in our bodies, and at the same time connect with the Goddess, the Universe, the Oneness…

Ingrid Frideborgsdotter is a Sexsibility Coach, a qigong teacher, journalist, writer, healer, Taoist and the creator of the therapy VivaVagina!, which is acupressure and massage in the pelvic area on women.

Ingrid has worked with VivaVagina! Goddess Circles, sessions, and tao massage courses since 2010.