Kareem Raïhani

DJ & Music Producer

Kareem Raïhani, the Shaman of Dance, Ecstatic Dance Master, and Dance Floor Magician, is renowned for crafting ecstatic journeys worldwide at festivals, gatherings, retreats, and ceremonies. To truly grasp the essence of what dancers experience through Kareem’s music and dance, one must simply immerse oneself in it!

Kareem Raïhani is often referred to as the Shaman of the Dance, and his dual role as a DJ and music producer makes his ecstatic dance journeys truly unique, unlike any other.

For over two decades, Kareem Raïhani has been sharing his music across Europe and beyond, blending various styles of dance music like no other. His sets are a fusion of body-shaking rhythms, shamanic vibes, heart-opening sounds, spiraling melodies, and contagious grooves. Incorporating many of his own productions and remixes, Kareem remains deeply connected to the heart and the earth, honoring ancient