Marie Bergman

Sound Therapist & Musician

Marie Bergman, born in Stockholm Sweden, is one of Scandinavias most wellknown voices. Through her lifelong career she’s been through a lot of expressions and genres in search of vocal freedom and expansion. She has made over 20 CD.s with her own swedish compositions and three jazzrecordings with both traditional jazzstandards and her own jazz co-compositions.

In 2009 she established her own voice academy; BergmanVoice, which generates workshops and seminars, in order to find the glow of music, the art of passion, improvisation, meeting places between culture, development and health, with the human voice as a fundamental tool. “Every voice owns its truth”.

For some years she has also created official ceremonies, not linked to belief, age or voice resources, in the Katarina Church, the biggest church in Stockholm. Here she has gathered hundreds of people for “toning” – that is sound without words, a poetic ritual for creation, spirit of community and lifepassion.

“I work for the inner culture, which gives us a print beyond the words. The voice power can influence the relationship between us and the world, related to both self-image, attitudes, intuition and concrete engagement in society.”