Sara Isabella Ekblad

Circling & Temple Ceremony

Circling & Ceremonies are practices guiding us back to the aliveness inherent within.

In the circling field we are committed to stay in connection with what is alive & arising in each moment.
Through guided exercises & the connection that arises between us, we explore this living essence & surrender in trust to what is already here.
Welcome to a paradigm where safety and freedom braids us into a circular unfolding web of aliveness.

Temple Ceremony for women
An ancient art of surrendering to a stream of stillness & aliveness unfolding from within.
Spreading emmence beauty throughout our bodies, pouring into the world around us.
In simple yet profound practices we receive this living essence & communion.

Sara works with family therapy, circling, and yoga in Stockholm since 15 years.
”The ocean refuses no river, no part of me, no part of you”