Shaft Uddin

Tantra & Show

Shaft Uddin: A Visionary in Transformation and Connection

Speaker / Coach / Somatic Trauma Release Therapist / Transformational Entertainer & Viral Content Creator

Shaft Uddin is not your typical speaker or coach. He’s a force of transformation, a catalyst for healing, and a maestro of human connection.

With a mission as profound as it is bold, to foster world peace through the power of intimacy.

Healing Through Connection:
“We can cure all addiction with human connection. We can overcome depression and anxiety by becoming present. And heal loneliness by finding the one. Ourselves. ”

Shaft has touched countless lives, helping both men and women rise above trauma and rediscover their true selves. His impact ripples across the globe through immersive rituals, transformative retreats, erotic performance art, and empowering workshops.

Global Recognition: