Simone Maj Hoffenblad

Conscious Wrestling

Simone visited Ängsbacka for the first time in 2019 and fell in love. That summer she offered her first Conscious Wrestling workshop and she has been offering them every summer since for both volunteers and participants.
Conscious Wrestling is one of Simone’s greatest passions, as she loves to facilitate a space where people feel safe to explore and play their way into empowerment.
The best thing she knows is to see a participant go from being scared of their own power – to in just 2 hours, with glowing eyes and a beaming smile saying:
“I didn’t know, I was this strong!”

Simone has done zero martial arts training, she weighs 54 kg and she can’t do push-ups. – And that is your invitation to come join as you are! No superhuman strength needed.

These workshops are non-violent, consent-based and for everyone who wishes to explore, express and empower themselves and others!