Sophia Leslie

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

Sophia Leslie is a facilitator of self-knowledge and growth through sexual energy and intimacy.

A Priestess of Blissful Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality, her work is a dance:
intense and gentle
naughty and sacred
explores pleasure beyond orgasm
expands consciousness using the body, pleasure, and intimacy
many times it invites you to slow down, but it is always deep

All of it, is grounded in Tantra, Taoism, neurobiology, somatic tools, trauma healing, mindfulness, and spirituality.

She is a practitioner of Classical Tantra and NeoTantra, and a seeker of beauty in every aspect of life.

In her journey, she has certifications as Tantra Instructor, Tantra Yoga teacher, and Sex, Love & Relationship Coach. In the last 8 years, she has been living as a slow nomad, learning to balance flow and intentionality, and deepening her studies and teachings.