Embodied Sound

Let the Sound touch You. Touch the Sound!
September 8 – September 11, 2022

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Edgar Cayce “father of holistic medicine”

To be attracted to sounds and vibrations is part of being a human. After all, sound has always been considered a direct link between humanity and the divine.
Wherever there are people – there is the creation and exploration of sound, music, rhythm, dance and movement. Rituals and ceremonies, healing, communication, connection or celebrations and pure enjoyment.. we humans always revolve around sound.

Embodied Sound is a brand-new four-day festival aiming to arouse all senses with a total one-of-a-kind experience that combines sound healing, live music, learning, nature and art.
Workshops honouring the vulnerability and power of one’s own voice, embracing deep listening and receptivity, being carried by the magical concerts, sound and shamanic journeys. Sacred space of ceremonies, connecting with your body in yoga and dancing, putting your hands on the instruments in experiential workshops, getting to know the science of vibrations and sound therapy in practical lectures and so much more…

Come as you are. Come to rest, come to learn, come to reconnect

​During Embodied Sound Festival, you will…

  • meet +20 experienced workshop leaders and facilitators making new headway in the field of sound as they share the latest leading-edge techniques in the use of sound and vibrational medicine
  • experience traditional and contemporary sound-healing techniques that release stress, activate inspiration, creativity, and happiness
  • learn about easy vibrational tools that calm your nervous system and support faster mind-body regulation
  • explore the ability of your own voice so that you can activate the power of sound within your own life
  • practice chanting and humming in singing circles to deepen your connection with yourself and others
  • enjoy beautiful concerts and live music;
  • learn how to use sound-healing instruments, including gongs, rainmakers, drums and singing bowls, to reduce stress and increase your wellbeing
  • And much more in the beautiful surroundings of late summer Ängbacka in Värmland.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Thursday 8th of September, 2022
Reception is open for check-in: 16:30
First meal: 18:30
The event starts at: 20:00

Departure day: Sunday 11th of September, 2022
Last meal: 13:00
Check-out latest at*: 14:30

*Take down your tent or clean your room before this time. You don’t need to formally check out at the reception.

Is Embodied Sound for me?

Whether you are already using sound as a part of your practice or even as a tool in your professional life or if you are just beginning to open up to your curiosity for what sound can mean to you – the circle will benefit from your presence these days. You participate fully on your own terms and choose freely from the workshops, lectures and concerts offered on the program. Three times per day you are served nourishing vegetarian meals from Ängsbacka’s kitchen and in between you can treat yourself to hot and cold drinks or sweet and savoury snacks in the Café.

You will also get the chance to be part of a Sharing circle, a smaller group of people that journey together and meet each day during the event. For many, Sharing becomes a very important part of the day; for connection, for slowing down, allowing integration and the practice of speaking one’s truth in the moment. The gatherings such as the Welcome ceremony and the Morning meetings will partly have a practical and informative function and hopefully so much more as we come together in collective sounding, silence, reflection, meditation and movement.

Ängsbacka’s closest neighbour is the forest and the lake is within walking distance from Ängsbacka. Nature plays an important role in Embodied Sound and we are so lucky to be surrounded by its beauty and nourishment for body, mind and soul – we encourage you to take the opportunity to simply be in nature these days.

Embodied Sound teachers & musicians

We are already connecting with inspiring musicians, therapists and workshop leaders in the fields of sound, voice, rhythm, movement and more and will keep sharing about the development of the program here. Check out who is joining as facilitators below and welcome to return for updates!


Workshop leaders Csilla & Gabriel


Read more about Leona Frantzich

Leona is a musician and music producer who’s biggest passion is to bring people together to sing and resonate as one. Her debut album Kvinnlig Kraft was released in 2019, mixing Swedish folk music, mantras in sanskrit and soft beats. She also plays in the band Sat Sisters, a band consisting of four women with the purpose to help each person to open their heart through the chanting of mantras together.


Workshop leader Kasia Soraya

Kasia Soraya

Read more about Kasia Soraya

Kasia Soraya is a joyful life-long learner! She has had the privilege of working and learning in many different occupations and settings. Kasia Soraya is a Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Body-Mind and Stress Management Therapist, Creativity and Art Teacher, mother, meditator, yogi, conscious event organizer, dance lover and…experienced lawyer. Her work has always had the function of helping people to find peace and to see more clearly. She is excited about building a solid foundation for emotional self-regulation and finding tools for resilience, compassion, and loving-kindness. Always with the spark of joy and a great sense of humor and aliveness.

Kasia Soraya holds tapping in groups and individual sessions. Her approach to EFT is to meet you where you are now in your experience. She holds space for you to speak your truth and explore your experience. This honoring of your experience creates a level of safety within that helps you to begin to trust yourself and your process. The issue you work on, can then begin to safely evolve away and empower you to feel better faster, become unstuck, and to live the life you are wanting. In her work, she is focusing on safe ways for healing past traumas through the use of somatic tools for self-soothing.

Workshop leader Magnus Vikström

Malin Wik

Read more about Malin Wik

“Let us surrender to and celebrate music; the universal language that can deepen our connection in presence. And may our singing truly honour the endless expressions of life itself; all qualities, feelings and emotions are equally welcome”.

Malin is a familiar face and voice on stage at Ängsbacka. Her dedication to create music together invites us to explore and experience the freedom of a deeper breath, where we can sing with fullness and let our voice strengthen our presence and devotion to life.

Workshop leader Kasia Soraya


Read more about Sunniva


Sunniva Brynnel is a Swedish accordionist, vocalist, harmonium player and composer within improvised music, folk music, devotional music and more. She comes from a lineage of seven generations of female musicians. Sunniva has toured extensively in Sweden and the US and she can be heard on recordings together with devotional music masters Jai Uttal, Deva Premal & Miten and Markandeya. Sunniva has a masters degree in improvised music and she is a certified Deep Listening workshop facilitator. She enjoys improvising and learning new tunes and songs as well as sharing these with others.

Workshop leader Isabella dos Santos


Read more about Viktor


Viktor is a force of nature who’s vibrant rhythms and voice brings in the whole spectrum of the power of mother earth to the celestial.

Workshop leader Niklas Almqvist


Read more about Mia

Mia is a versatile percussionist. She started her musical journey in classical music. After some time she experienced the energy and joy of African and Brazilian percussion music and fell in love with the music.

She has studied percussion in Africa and Sweden and has been playing and touring with many groups and artists in various genres from African and Brazilian music to funk and fusion and has played with among others Ahmadu Jarr and the Highlife Orchestra for many years.

Today Mia plays music in several genres. The joy, energy, love and connection music brings, Mia wants to share at Ängsbacka.

Workshop leader Kasia Soraya

Anu Azrael

Read more about Anu


Anu has been coming to Ängsbacka since 2010 and has grown to deeply love this place.  An artist/vocalist and group facilitator. Trained as a therapist across a diverse range of modalities.  Including Family Constellations, Somatic Experiencing, Systemic Ritual & Relational Presence.  Anu now offers his own brand of workshops.   His gift is in offering empowerment in bringing clearer connection between our voices and our hearts.

Workshop leader Niklas Almqvist


Read more about Amanda

Amanda Ragnarsdotter is a trained and experienced music teacher, singing teacher, songwriter and musician. She is also a life coach and she combines mental training with loads of happineSs-focus in her daily work. Amanda want to encourage people to start using their voices and their bodies in a joyful and and playful way at a daily basis.

She uses her energetic personality to inspire you to sing, laugh and dance, as if problems didn’t really exist!

What if that’s true?

Workshop leader Johan Axelsson

Jochem Meijer

Read more about Jochem

Sharing the vibrations of the didgeridoo has for a long time been one of the biggest passions of Jochem. The combination of Breath, Rhythm and Vibration connects us to that deep collective field of authenticity, from were true expression of the Self can take place and the clutter that’s not important can drop away.

Jochem can play in all kind of settings, from sensitive soundhealings to full on parties. Besides beeing musician the Dutchman from birth has been chef for many of the Ängsbacka Festivals and is an experienced astrologer.

Workshop leader Mårten Pella

LeAnn Eriksson

Read more about LeAnn

LeAnn is a passionate explorer of life, and has delved into many aspects of what it means to be human through decades of loving and singing all over our beautiful planet.

Her love of music and exploration of consciousness led her to crystal singing bowls in 2006, and she has since combined them with voice and other instruments to create several albums of transformational music.

In 2014, she was led to Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Intensive, where she first experienced the Day of Toning.

LeAnn also creates flavourful vibrations in Ängsbacka’s kitchen, where she has been a chef since 2021.


Workshop leader Johan Axelsson

Benjamin jamily

Read more about Benjamin

Benjamin is a multi instrumentalist singer, and researcher. Known for his ecstatic dance band, “Yoga-Cola”, for playing music with living plants, in his family project, “Masterplants” and his peculiar homemade improvisation language called “The element key”.

Mateusz Krawiec & Filip Fišer

Filip and Mateusz, supported by Malin Wik and Kasia Soraya, are creators of the Embodied Sound. Together and individually they bring years of experience of sound, music and movement. Their passion to share their knowledge and the openness to further explorations with others, engages a wide network of co-creators in various workshop, training and retreat settings as well as concerts and ceremonies held both at Ängsbacka and elsewhere in Sweden and Europe.

Workshop leaders Csilla & Gabriel

More about Mateusz: “My spiritual practice is sound”. Mateusz is a Sound & Movement artist, yoga teacher and founder of Art of Union. Originally from South-West Poland, living in Sweden. He is a former Lawyer, who found his connection and passion to the body, mind and awareness. He is passionate about creating playground-like educations, trainings, retreats and teachings and sharing his passion for the love of sound with the world. Always exploring new ways to approach the space he holds to allow people to completely surrender into their body and reach a meditative state and well-being. Check out Mateusz offers in gongs and experiences: www.gongstockholm.com

Workshop leader Isabella dos Santos

More about Filip: Filip is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, charismatic performer, intuitive soundscaping magician, craftsman and a professional and uniquely artistic drum builder. With great intuition and humility, he invites listeners into the experience of disappearing in sound and silence and into the space in which they can listen deeply to the wisdom of the heart and remember our purpose on this beautiful earth. His attentiveness and presence makes him a most valuable guide to those who wish to learn more about using small sounds and percussive tools for music and healing purposes. He knows very well natural material drums as well as rattles and ambient enhancers and instruments such as chimes, rainsticks, singing bowls and flutes. Filip shares his knowledge, instruments and an invitation for you to craft your very own drum via his website: www.holytree-crafts.com

Ticket price

Course fee + food and accommodation from SEK 4400

Accommodation upgrades will influence the price per ticket.

Embodied Sound