Johan Narada


Johan has immersed for many years in the study and practise of yoga, both on the mat, in temples, in vedic studies and in kirtan. 3 years ago his paths and Jenny Janakis met in Bali and they started weaving a unique blend of traditional Hatha yoga and CranioSacral dynamics.

They have found that the most powerful approach in yoga is through slow movement and softness allowing tensions to be released without force. Rather allowing the body to recognise its natural state of peace and to return to its original divine blueprint.

Deeply inward going Hatha Yoga infused with Craniosacral healing touch. Unwinding tensions into blissful swirls of inner Northern Lights. Discover a stillness within that is full of potency and aliveness.Johan has been leading kirtans for more than 20 years and holds a sublime yet powerful space for everyone to connect to the deeper heart and to the divine.
The mantras are simple and profound allowing everyone to truly sing from the heart.

Kirtan is food for the spirit - a life raft of song. Jai Uttal