Angelica Nanda Schäfer

Freemove Yoga, Organic Hatha Yoga, Yang Yoga, The Gap Club

Angelica has been teaching on full time basis for the last 15 years and she runs her own yoga studio in Sweden.

Working many years as personal trainer and group training instructor she took the step to deeper explore the world of Yoga. After longer stays in India living the ashram life and finding inspirational teachers to study with all of her classes invites to a holistic approach to movement and life.

With passion for movement and fascination over different ways to still the mind she is the creator of the Freemove concept and she holds space for retreats both in Sweden and abroad. She is one of the main organisers of the international Stockholm Yoga and Dance festival and Ängsbackas Easter festival. She is also an initiated Osho sannyasin, Ayurvedic health counsellor and masseuse.

Let your movement be your meditation and liberation! While FREEMOVE is a guided journey also including asanas, ECSTATIC DANCE is a free not structured dance space. In PILATES and YOGA we align our body with awareness creating more space for our prana to flow.

" It's all about finding the freedom within "