No Mind Festival

A heart-opening experience for spiritual and personal transformation. A summer week that might change your life. A dedicated program for children & youth.    

July 1 – July 8, 2023

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We offer a transformative week that invites you to connect to your heart, feel alive and free in your body, and to relax into a wisdom beyond the mind.

Come and experience a week full of personal development, dance, movement, spirituality, meditation, shamanism, yoga, creativity and intimacy during No Mind.

Workshop leaders, artists and musicians will join during the week and share their passions with you.

You are welcomed just the way you are. You do not have to pretend you are something else, all of your uniqueness is welcome! Here you find a possibility to face your fears and transcend them into awareness and love.

“When we accept all sides of ourselves it often opens up for a feeling of being more authentic and whole as a human being.

Then we can take responsibility for what we feel and need instead of expecting the outer world to take care of it.”

Join us from July 1st to July 8th 2023


Check-in: 15.00 – 18.30
Dinner first night: 18.30
Welcome ceremony: 20.00

Check-out*: 15.00

*Clean your room before this time. You don’t need to formally check out at the reception.


“There is no such thing as peace of mind. There is only one peace and that is when there is no mind.
When there is only a watcher and nothing to watch. Suddenly everything becomes calm and quiet”
Osho – Indian Mystic

Satsang is a traditional form that means sitting with truth. It is a way for a seeker to ask questions, meditate or just sit in the presence of an enlightened being.
When in satsang, just being near a higher consciousness creates a certain vibration or a Buddha field that brings us closer to our innate qualities; truth, love, wisdom and stillness.
No Mind offers many flavours that can tickle you to find your path to truth.

You areencouraged to join the whole range from movement, music and sounds into meditation
stillness and silence. It is an all-inclusive experience that in the end takes us to Satsang.


At No Mind we invite you to a rich program for children, youth, parents… and adults who want to get closer to their inner child. You can come on your own, as friends, partners or a family. Whatever the constellation, here we have the opportunity to stay tuned to our own needs and to socialise in a new way, in a relaxed and safe environment. Families and all of us can get a much needed break from everyday routines and stress and can get to know new sides of each other.


See what teachers are coming this year. You can read their bio’s by clicking their picture

CHildren's village

No Mind truly is for all generations


The schedule of the activities will be presented upon arrival. You can read more about the teachers contributing below

Teachers & Musicians

The No Mind team is currently working on the development of an amazing program with the best teachers and musicians.

We will regularly announce new teachers and musicians so do come back to check it out! 

Children’s Village

During the No Mind festival the children and youth have their own festival planned just for them.The Children’s Village is located in the center of the festival area, between the cafe and the garden. It is a place for magical and playful adventures where something is happening all day long. There is a team holding space especially for everyone in the age 4-18. We have many activities in the forest where we play, explore and build. We also have the creativity tent with various daily workshops. There is room for playing games, sports, storytelling and creative expression with a daily schedule put together by the coordinators Caroline and Nadia.

Child care

During specific times each day in the children’s village we offer child care for children over 4 years of age. This is a fun, creative and safe place where parents can leave their children while they attend workshops and take care of themselves for a while. We strive to have staff who speak both English and Swedish so that most of the kids can be understood and we can meet their needs. For younger children 1- 3 years of age you can as a parent join the workshops or stay in the children’s camp or in the No Mind baby tent with your child. You can not leave your child alone at the camp if it’s younger than 4 years old.

No mind baby

A cozy space for our youngest children where you and your child can hang out, play with toys and meet other parents and children. The space is open the same hours as the children’s village, but there is not always a person holding space and there is not a place where you can leave your child. During the week there will be some activities, like a singing circle, talks and sharings.

Children (4-12 Years old)

The Children’s Village is open to all children and parents to socialise, play, paint, sing, tell stories, wrestling in the grass, meet new friends, and everything else related to the No Mind week.

YOUTH (13-17 Years old)

Youth aged 13 -18 have their space in the glass house where they can have workshops, privacy and chill time. They have a team that holds space for them and together they create a workshop schedule that suits the group of this year. Youth have sharing every day as a daily routine.


The first day of the festival there will be a’mandatory information meeting for all parents and it’s really important that everyone that has a child or youth attend this meeting.

Nadia and Caroline have been organizing the festival for several years. If there is anything you wonder about don’t hesitate to ask. Please send us an e-mail.

We are so looking forward to sharing this festival with you!


Lena Shraddho Järpsten

Program Coordinator No Mind Festival

Lena Shraddho Järpsten has been practising and teaching Yoga for more than two decades.

She has spent long periods in India, going deeper into the mystery of Yoga, meditation and dance. She is a trained Osho Therapist and sees the body and all its wisdom, and as a doorway to awareness and love.




Festival ticket, food and tent spot from SEK 7900

CHILDREN & YOUTH (4y – 17y)
Festival ticket, food and tent spot from SEK 3555

Accommodation upgrades will influence the price per ticket.


Practical information

A typical day at an Ängsbacka festival

Our events all have their unique program of workshops and other activities, still there are some fixed points that you can expect at the festival:

  • An early morning program is offered - yoga, breathing, meditation etc. - before..
  • Breakfast - our first meal of the day.
  • A gathering for all with music and togetherness setting the tone of the day is followed by..
  • Morning workshops and other activities until..
  • Lunch - the main meal of the day.
  • Afternoon workshops and activities go on until..
  • Dinner - a lighter, still fully nourishing meal.
  • An evening program follows; workshops, dance, live music or a cozy hang-out in the café.

Once per day everybody meets in their sharing groups; all of us come together for the core practice of Ängsbacka!

Workshops on the program are described and categorized in such a way that you can find out how advanced or challenging exercises you can expect beforehand.


The basic festival ticket includes a spot in the camping area and you bring your own tent.

All our indoor accommodations come at hostel standard with shared showers and toilets.You will find outdoor toilets in connection to the camping areas and outdoor showers are available to complement the indoor facilities. We advise you to bring earplugs for better sleep if you are sound sensitive as the festival area can get loud at times (the program will end latest 02.00).


Depending on availability and your budget we offer the following options for indoor accommodation: 

  • dormitory (bunk bed)
  • 4-6 bedroom (bunk bed)
  • double room (twin bed)
  • Single room

Indoor accommodation includes a blanket and pillow for each person. You need to bring your own bed sheets or a sleeping bag and a pillowcase. Towels are not included. We offer a possibility to rent sheets and towels at an additional cost.


If you would like to bring your camper or caravan - check availability when booking your ticket. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to offer electricity for any of these spots. 


Sometimes you need more privacy or tranquility or maybe you want to bring your dog (no dogs allowed on site). Booking an off site accommodation can be a good option and many private house/flat owners offer spaces for rent during the summer. Please request the list of people offering off site accommodation by contacting our booking office at booking@angsbacka.se.


The festival ticket includes all meals; breakfast lunch and dinner are prepared and served daily. Ängsbacka offers a vegetarian diet prepared with love. We use locally produced and organic products to a large extent. In connection with your booking, you can ask for a vegan diet (same as lactose free) or gluten and nut-free food options. For practical reasons, we cannot meet any other wishes related to allergies or diets during festivals. All meals are presented at the outdoor serving tent area.


Ängsbacka has a policy of zero tolerance for illicit drugs and alcohol. We don’t serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances when you are at Ängsbacka. If you are found under the influence, we will ask you to leave immediately.

Please find our other general policies and guidelines here.

Code of ethics

Ängsbacka is continuously developing intentions for offering supportive and transformational spaces - read our Code of Ethics here.


Remember! We always request you to book and pay your event ticket online before arrival.

Both our café and the reception at Ängbsacka are cash-free, so once at Ängsbacka you will only be able to use card or Swish  (Swedish direct payment service) as a payment method at our reception and in the café. 

We only accept the currency SEK. 
For cash withdrawal, there is a cash point at Coop in Molkom (the nearby village).


The Café is a cosy meeting place for hang-out, new friendships and deep conversation. You can buy yummy home-made cakes, a wide range of coffee, teas, golden milk, smoothies, chilled beverages, chocolate, raw food goodies and more!

During the summer our café is a tech-free zone, so the café is not a place for work or gaming on your digital devices. Charging your digital devices can be done in "The Hub".


Our amazing and newly renovated Sauna is open all evenings of the festival. Come relax and enjoy the heat in the company of new and old friends. It is a requirement to bring a towel to sit on in the sauna.


At Karma Store you find organic yoga clothes, beautiful jewelry, books, beauty products and ­more.

Holy Tree crafts and instrument shop

In the Holy Tree shop you find a unique selection of music instruments such as shamanic drums, flutes, rattles and more.


Simsala Chai is beautifully situated a short walk into the forest next to the festival area. Welcome to treat and nourish yourself with a cup of chai in the presence of nature. Here you also find hand crafted music instruments. Come, take a break from the intensity of the festival and let yourself be held by the spirit of the forest.

Healing Circle

The Healing Circle offers personal sessions for bodywork, energy healing, massage, counselling and other forms of therapies/modalities. Make sure to bring your own towel to your session to lay on. You can book and pay (by card) your sessions through the reception, or the Café when the reception is closed, during your stay at Ängsbacka


Information about workshop leaders and Festival programs for each day can be found in the Festival Gallery outside the barn. The Festival program can be changed with short notice, so please check it often.

Here you also find opening hours for café, shops, reception and more.


In The Hub, the tent next to the Festival Gallery, you can find more information about the amazing work our workshop leaders are doing outside of Ängsbacka.

If you need to charge any of your digital devices you are more then welcome to use our charging stations located in The Hub.


As a visitor at Ängsbacka you are solely responsible for your personal belongings at all times. During the actual event Ängsbacka will support you to retrieve any items lost by setting up, and maintaining specific “Lost & Found”-labelled boxes nearby the workshop-spaces.After each Festival the lost & found boxes will be emptied and all collected items will be stored in our Lost & Found tent for a total of 2 weeks upon completion of the event. 

Valuables such as wallets, digital devices, keys and similar are handed in and kept at our booking office for a maximum of 3 months and will be returned upon description. Valuables are the only items that will be sent to you after the event is over and you will be charged for the postage plus an administrative fee of 100 SEK. 

Please be aware that Ängsbacka does not take any responsibility for personal belongings - the above is to be considered a service and not a guarantee that you will be able to retrieve lost items whether valuables or others, such as clothing.


A welcome letter with more detailed information about the festival will be sent out to all participants.


Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with people from all over the world. The main language spoken during the festivals is English.


It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about how to find your way here.


During the festival the reception will be open every day, times will vary. You can find our contact details here.